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Wheels of Slavation


User: Guest
Date: 2015-10-01
Thank you all so much for your kind reviews.Although there are many tihgns I would have done differently, overall I'm very happy with the way my life evolved; also I'm highly aware that what I, (and thousands like me), was able to do, especially in the 1960s, has become difficult, dangerous, or downright impossible nowadays.I was just reading of a remote-controlled bomb attack today on a political candidate near the city, (a relatively small town when I was there in 1963), of Quetta, Pakistan, up along the Afghan border .a group of us, (people travelling tended to merge and separate like a small flock of starlings), caught a local train up from Zahedan, Iran, ( where we boarded in the middle of the night as it sat in the station, and were awoken by passengers loading their sheep into the compartment) .it was approximately 200 miles, and took 28 hours, (give or take, if I recall correctly) .going through the semi-mountainous areas the train was so slow that we could jump off, walk ahead, wait for the train and jump back on again.I also recall two of us being arrested' at submachine gun point in Basra, Iraq, and detained until late at night on the suspicion that we were attempting to smuggle an Iraq national, (a little, extremely strong, guy who had shown us pics of him participating in weightlifting competitions .perhaps even the Olympics, but I can't be sure) .when we were finally discharged he fled away from us I guess he knew, what we were too naive to recognize, that we could, all three, have simply disappeared.Memories abound.But .all this reminiscing detracts from the object of the blog .retirement I mentioned that we spend less than we generate, (BTW, most of the interest income mentioned in my story comes from stock dividends, both common & preferred although we do maintain a fixed income allocation, predominately in (low yielding, right now), GICs) we drive a manual transmission, 2005, Honda Civic, (no bells & whistles, no power anything'), bought used, which we hope to keep for a number of years yet.We have zero inclination to keep up with the Jones' in fact they'd probably have to find a high vantage point and use binoculars just to see us we're that far behind ..we own a modest condo townhouse .buy stuff on sale, on Kijiji, at Value Village, etc but mainly, there's not a whole lot that we want, and I think that, in and of itself, is a major factor in the recipe for a happy retirement.Oh and, most importantly, make sure you have the right partner!

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