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Catch 33


Pop the squares in numerical order as fast as you can.

User: Guest
Date: 2013-11-10
that constitutionally, the Federal Govt can simlpy ignore the border and not enforce immigration law and there is NOTHING States can do about it.Why?Because people in this country, including most Whites, agree with that logic. We call them, women. Look at . Yes a shadow of itself, but still read by millions of women in the US. Men don't read that stuff.Mass Illegal immigration benefits women are women. Mass illegal immigration produces cheap nannies. Mass illegal immigration produces cheap gardeners, restaurants, and the like. It is "fair" and "anti-Racist" (i.e. against those icky, non-sexy White guys).Bottom line, there is nothing to be done but watch America burn. And burn it will, starting in California (I say this as likely casualty #1). California is currently $16 billion in the budget hole, and getting worse. Charlie Munger's spoiled, Meghan McCainesque daughter Molly, a Civil Rights Lawyer (and like most professional White women someone who ... yes wait for it ... HATES HATES HATES White guys who lack the charisma and sexiness she demands) has a tax proposal to raise up to 2.2% EXTRA of the income tax over $7,000. Brown has another proposal to raise taxes by a lesser amount.The MONEY aspect is that Mexicans mostly cannot feed and clothe their kids without considerable welfare assistance. This is why California is $16 billion in the hole. The Munger and Brown initiatives will likely fail, Brown will likely just copy Obama and simlpy raise taxes by fiat, and start seizing people's houses. Such as many here reading Isteve. To pay for the Mexican voters.Who will NOT be content to live in a favela. This will never be Brazil. It will be a sharp, hard fight over who will be tax slaves and who will be the overlords. It will be extraordinarily bitter, fights over money always are. Considering that most Whites have ZILCH ZERO NADA social network to fall back on and that the Government exists ONLY to punish them, and NEVER to help them. [url=]dvbdhk[/url] [link=]sofgdfnt[/l ink]

User: Guest
Date: 2013-11-07
That's a smart way of loknoig at the world.

User: Guest
Date: 2013-10-29
Hello Carl and LorenaThank you for giving my hubasnd and I all the reasons for driving into Mexico!Everyone tells tales of the bad stuff and none of all the good!We're off in October to see friends in Todos Santos and hope to go back to Oaxaca, one of our favorite places in Mexico.I want to share with you something that happened to us in Guatemala if I may. We where walking down a back street when a young man came up to us. At first I thought he was coming to us to ask if we wanted to buy drugs. Being that we're in our middle fifties, he asked if we wanted to buy Viagra. We couldn't stop laughing.Thanks again for all your wonderful help.Warmest regards!Kathy [url=]iwvvkx[/url] [link=]lohvpszo ysc[/link]

User: Guest
Date: 2013-10-23
After reading Characters and (the not so) Lonely Writer, might I sgeugst you try to pull an end run on Marlon. See if Aiden wants to tell his story, if you can. Perhaps, by looking at his tale it can help shed light on what makes Marlon's mind, so to speak. (or do I mean what makes Marlon mind.)And please let know anytime if I have over stepped.

User: Guest
Date: 2013-10-21
"Texas has a great tradition of prytaing and rodeoing but it's not known for cranking out copious amounts of famous musicians. Just one more way we are confused with the deep south..."Um, Houston blues guitar players would include: Lightning Hopkins, Albert Collins, Johnny Guitar Watson, Johnny Copeland, Gatemouth Brown, Joe Guitar Hughes, the inventor of Zydeco, Clifton Chenier, and Jellyroll Morton would have gotten his start in the 4th Ward there if the sheriff hadn't chased him out for pimpin and forced him to relocate in New Orleans. And, of course, T-Bone Walker was from San Antonio, which was a blues mecca back in the day and where Robert Johnson recorded the first of his famous recordings.

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