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Sep 16,2006

Golf, It's a Game For a Lifetime

by Scott Schneider

So you are getting a little older, and those aches and pains from tennis, softball and running are beginning to interfere with your everyday life.

If you are tired of not being able to participate in your company's outings or play sports with your spouse on Saturday and Sunday, maybe it's time to take up a game that truly is a game for a lifetime: golf.

Here are just a few of the benefits that golf offers:

* Fun for all ages and abilities. I played with a 76-year-old recently, and he nearly beat me.

* Quality time with friends and family in a beautiful outdoor environment. There is nothing like getting your competitive spirit going - you against the course.

* Golf is a game that can and will challenge your physical and mental capabilities. Particularly with children, the game can teach life lessons that can be applied to everyday life, such as patience, honesty, respect for others and strategic thinking.

* I mentioned patience; we all need to master it. Playing golf will help the most impatient person. While playing, you face twists and turns on every shot; the game requires you to adjust to different situations and environments.

* Like a challenge? Golf will provide a constant quest for the perfect swing, the right equipment and the right instruction that can help you meet your goals.

Getting started is easier than you might think. True, it is a hard game to master, but with a few lessons from an understanding instructor, you can get the basics down very quickly. You can receive this instruction in many forms - from private to group to an actual school. Borrow or rent a couple of clubs to get started before you leap into buying a set of new ones.

Lessons are offered for different playing abilities. Take your lessons seriously. Investigate a golf instructor like you would a doctor or lawyer. Seek referrals and interview your instructor before you begin. There are numerous new and improved instruction methods.

Remember what you did to learn any other sport? You learned and mastered the fundamentals of that sport. No matter your skill level, find an instructor who sticks to the fundamentals.

Many golf schools, such as Las Vegas Golf Schools, understand that fundamentals are the key to a successful golf game. A golf school provides a fun, non-threatening learning environment that will touch on all aspects of the game, no matter what the skill level. It is important to let your instructor know what you would like to accomplish. We incorporate all these aspects here at Las Vegas Golf Schools.

Think of the fun you will have with your family, the new friends you will meet and the business contacts you can expand upon when you take up the game of golf. Once you make your first birdie, you will be hooked for life.

Scott Schneider is vice president of instruction for Las Vegas Golf Schools (

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